Óbuda University announces RECCS 2014, the 4th World Championship in Spaghetti Bridge Building.

The event is to take place on 30th May 2014, in the central building of Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary.

Each University can have maximum three teams, and each team can compete with three structures at most.


The goal of the event is to bring together engineering students in a challenge; to let them prove their qualities in spaghetti bridge building as an example of design implementation skills. RECCS aims to be the highest level competition in the announced categories and to promote building of friendships and future professional contacts as well.

History & character

RECCS was first organized as a regional event in 2005, with 3 attending countries. In the forthcoming years the ever increasing number of attending countries and the exceptional success of Óbuda University students (best of the world in six consecutive years) led us to organize the first worldwide character competition in 2011.

The contest is a high-standard event; we expect the best university teams. The competition field is balanced, and the best results are top world achievements in their category. The members of the jury are academic professors; our invited speakers are Academy presidents, government members and the Mayor of Budapest. The organization is professional and we use the latest available technique in online internet coverage, high speed camera and break force diagram recording. The event draws considerable media attention.

The competition is organized in two categories: bridge and support and it is open to university students. Each student/team can apply by at most by three bridges and supports respectively. The teams can have three members at most. The requirements concerning the spaghetti structures are available under the RULES menu.


Inhabited by around 2.000.000 inhabitants, located on the banks of the Danube River, Budapest is one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. As a political, cultural, commercial, industrial and transportation centre of Hungary, Budapest in not only an attractive tourist destination, but also a popular venue of conferences and exhibitions.



First of all you have to register!

Filling the application form

After registration you can login and fill the application form.

Please do it until 16 May, 2014!


The registration fee is 20 EUR/person (including escorting Professors) and it is to be paid in HUF on the spot of the competition. The fee covers the attendance to all events including the reception after the competition.

If you would like to get a bill, please fill the billing information form form as well.


Completion of the bridges and supports

The gym at the Kiscelli Street building will be provided for completion of the bridges and supports. Opening hours of the gym: Wednesday 8:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M., Thursday 08:00 A.M. - Friday morning.

There is no need for additional registration for using the gym. Simply turn to our voulunteers upon arrival. Phone number of the porter’s lodge:+36 1 666-5700.


The handover of the bridges is on the competition day, between 7 and 9.

The jury evaluates the spaghetti structures for aesthetic and innovation. The evaluation is anonymous; the structures are to be handed in with a closed envelope containing the name of the structure, the builders and their institute.


Thursday evening warming up party

The party will be held outdoor, in the court of the dorm located above the competition building. It will begin at 18.00 Thursday, 29 th of May. The organizers are waiting the teams for a Hungarian beef goulash and friendly chat. In case of bad weather, the event will be held in the dining-hall of the dorm.


The breakdown tests will take place in the central aula of the building, the braking order will be seen on the projection wall. On the request of the competition Speaker, the forthcoming spaghetti structure is brought and mounted on the rim from the jury room. This is done by one or two members of the team. Before and after the break competitors have the opportunity to share a couple of their thoughts answering the speaker's questions.


The winning structure is determined by the maximum load carrying capacity, measured in the break. Beside place winner prizes a number of other awards will be bestowed including awards for innovation, structure quality, special and sponsor awards.


After the award ceremony the competitors and professors are invited to join a friendly chat and a reception dinner held on the second floor bridge.

A loose afterparty for students in a fashionable place in Budapest downtown, organized by our Erasmus coordinators.

Please follow the news appearing on the webpage, for further information, assistance, please contact the organizers on reccs@uni-obuda.hu.